Hi! I’m Orla Kirby, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and HypnoBirthing Instructor.

Would you like to wake up each morning feeling calm, positive, peaceful, and looking forward to the day, your heartbeat steady, your mind quiet? 

Want to take your first step towards that today?






How does hypnotherapy work?




What can hypnotherapy help with?

I wanted to have hypnotherapy to help me with confidence at work. I’ve struggled over the years with a sense of not being good enough and struggling to believe in my own ability….. I am really surprised and pleased at how quickly the hypnotherapy sessions with Orla have made such a difference…. It’s so great to no longer feel that I have to pretend to be really confident and happy at work all the time – I just genuinely am exactly that!

Michelle, 32, Higher Education Professional

The one thing that might have stopped me coming to hypnotherapy was that I was a bit concerned about the amount of control I would have. I suppose I was aware that there was an element of the unconscious about it, and it seemed a bit like maybe I’d be handing over my subconscious to someone! But…. I actually feel much more in control now, and that is a feeling that increased the more I came to sessions, because I was learning ways of keeping myself from being led around by old patterns of behaviour.

Paul, Manager, 39

….having been through a course of 9 training sessions with Orla, I feel fully confident that if I did have to have an MRI scan, I would be completely ok, and that I have the skills and techniques to manage my feelings around this. I did in fact end up going through a car wash the other day, and whereas normally I would have been having horrible flashbacks to that day of the MRI, and panicking, and turning into a hot, sweaty mess and pulling the car right out of there…. I did not experience anything beyond a mild disquiet.

Marianne, 66, Activist and Retired Midwife

Would you like to be a little calmer, more peaceful, happier? Or perhaps a lot more? Do you know you need to do something to bring down your stress levels or to lift yourself out of that oppressive low mood that hasn’t lifted now for weeks, or even months or years? Perhaps it’s getting to the point where it’s affecting your sleep, your work, your relationships with others, the way you feel about yourself and the world, every day, every minute. Your life is clouded by anxiety,  sadness  or anger. You are rationally aware that you are being overly negative, that you are engaging in outdated ways of thinking, feeling and existing that may have helped you during a difficult time in your past, but that are no longer serving you and may even be part of a self-destructive pattern. 



You want to change how you think, how you feel, how you act, but you have no idea how to actually go about this. Or perhaps you have lots of ideas, have absorbed lots of different information and theories, perhaps tried other forms of therapy in the past. But nothing has really worked, not fully. And although you have read books and done your own research about different therapeutic processes and different philosophies of change, mental health, wellness, mindfulness, healing and so on, you struggle to make any significant changes in your actual life, or at least, in a full, rich, long-term way. You are still sad. Still anxious. Still angry. For much more of the time than you’d like. And even if you’ve come to understand why you feel that way, you are unsure what to do in  order to feel differently, to exist differently in your own skin.

Or perhaps it’s not so bad as all that. Perhaps most of the time life feels pretty ok. Great even. But there is one specific area where you’d like to change how you are thinking about things, or feeling about things. Perhaps you’d like to be more confident in job interviews or during work presentations.

Or is there maybe a specific phobia you have — for example claustrophobia or a fear of swimming — and you’d like to rewire and retrain your brain so that you are no longer afraid.

Or perhaps you are expecting a baby, and you want to go from feeling fearful about birth to feeling delighted, excited and peaceful.

Whatever the precise change you’d like to make in terms of your thought patterns and your emotional relationship with certain ideas or certain situations, you know you’d be so much better off after making this change. You’d be able to no longer be held back by a previously established irrational fear or annoying habit. And you’d feel calmer and freer about what the next day or week or month may bring, knowing that you’d be able to handle anything.



Possibly though it is a more general kind of thing, but at a low-level. — A mild but ongoing level of anxiety that has you waking up sometimes with your heart pounding and your to-do list whirring through your head. Or a sense that you are getting angrier with your family oftener than you’d like, or feeling low more often than you used to. And even if it’s not a major issue, you’d rather be free of this all the same. You’d like to have a bit more self-control, a bit more discipline. You don’t feel like you’re quite being your true, authentic self these days and you’d love to get back to that. 

Whatever the extent or type of change you would like to see in your thought patterns, moods and actions, general or specific, major or relatively minor, I can help you learn how to create that change. I am a fully trained and qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist with plenty of experience working with many different clients across a range of different problems and issues including anxiety, OCD, insomnia, phobias, exam stress, work stress, low mood and anger issues. 

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an astonishingly effective process that teaches simple neuroscience so that you can understand your own brain more and make better use of it, especially as this useful knowledge is combines with excellent methods of altering your thought patterns and also techniques for deep relaxation.

I absolutely love working with people towards their own goals and dreams of where they would like to be in life, and how they would like to be thinking, feeling and acting. Of course different people want different things, and if there is something specific that you want to achieve or rediscover, and you know that — a new business, a new hobby or pursuit, a new exercise regime — that you want to put into your life, then hypnotherapy can certainly help you to get there.

But equally there are certain things that seem to crop up again and again — a desire to be calmer, happier, more confident. A wish to get on better with those close to you, those you care about. A wish to leave the past in the past. A strong urge to actually start doing the things that you love doing and that you have put off for so long, maybe even forgotten about amidst the pressures of adult life. A longing to be more self-disciplined, more at ease, and to be able to more easily look after yourself properly and those you care for. A need to switch off from work fully when you’re not actually in work — to not have the pressures and the responsibilities of working life there with you constantly, but instead be able to properly relax during mornings, evenings, weekends, holidays, whenever it is for you that you are not in work, or not supposed to be! A deep desire to be actually be yourself, and not be led around by people pleasing or by outside expectations, but to be able to decide how to live this life yourself.

Most common  of all perhaps is a wish to experience time differently — for things to feel less busy, less rushed, less stressful. If only things could slow down a bit. If only you could wake up in the morning and feel completely calm, as though there weren’t a million things you needed to rush off and start doing. No frantic thoughts of what needs to be accomplished and what needs to be organised and who needs to contacted swirling through your head. No immediate sense of anxiety, your heart pounding. No gloom like a dark cloud that makes you want to pull the duvet up over your head and call in sick. Simply an awakening, a slow, gentle awakening. And you find yourself feeling peaceful, calm, happy, your heartbeat steady and slow, your mind clear, looking forward to the day. Maybe there’s plenty to do later on, and somewhere, some part of you is aware of that. But that’s ok, it doesn’t seem like a problem. You feel peaceful, you feel calm, you feel content. You feel like it’s going to be a good day.

If you’d like to learn about how to move yourself in this direction, using the wonderful, relaxing and pleasant process of hypnotherapy, please contact me using the link below. 

I’d love to work with you on getting you closer to wherever it is you’d like to go, and whoever it is you would like to become as a person. Most people at the end of their course of hypnotherapy sessions report higher levels of happiness, confidence, cretivity and spontaneity, combined with a deeper sense of calm, focus and purpose. 

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