workshops and training

Are you looking for someone to run a workshop in your company or organisation that would help people to manage their thoughts and emotions more effectively, to look after and nurture their own mental health, to communicate and work together more smoothly, or to learn how to create a higher level of access to their own internal skills and resources?

Currently, I can run workshops and live trainings for a group of staff members via Zoom. And once the lockdown has eased, this is something I could also offer in-person. Right now, the advantage here is that the zoom calls can be recorded and used again in the future, and/or used for staff who join your company or organisation next month or next year.

Here is some feedback I received after my recent public workshop ‘Think Your Way Out of Anxiety: Self-Hypnosis for Calm, Confidence and Courage’:

Thank you for this morning I found it absolutely fascinating, relaxing and incredibly informative. You were brilliant!”

(Kate, 40, Businesswoman) 

“Thank-you for holding the space for us all so beautifully and calmly.”

(Bart, 33, Engineer)

“I loved the workshop, it was all so interesting, and I feel like there are things I can put into practce right away”

(Claire, 46, Teacher)

 And here are some different workshops I could run for your organisation:

Think Your Way Out of Anxiety: Self-Hypnosis for Calm, Confidence and Courage


Imagine Your Way Out of Anger: Self-Hypnosis in Assertive, Calm, Solution Focused Conversation and Communication


Dream Your Way out of Procrastination and Low Mood: Self-Hypnosis to help with Motivation, Focus, Self-Discipline and Morale


Meditation, Relaxation and Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief


Step Away from Guesswork and Stories: How to not be held back or limited by fears around what other people might think of you


Confident and Authentic Communication: Learn how to communicate confidently and authentically by phone, email, text, voicemail, video call or in person using Self-Hypnosis.


Keeping it Intellectual: How to avoid being drawn in to the fears, negativity or anger of others around you using Self-Hypnosis.


Find Your Superpowers: How to use self-hypnosis to get better access to your own creativity, your own rational, logical thinking, and your own particular skills and resources.


If you’d like to hear more about what would be involved and featured in any of the above workshops, and for pricing information, please do get in touch at

Also, it is certainly possible for a specific training to be arranged for your company or organisation, if there is a particular need you have or a particular goal you would like to work towards from the point of view of mental health, staff stress levels, resilience, calm and confidence in the workplace and so on. Please contact me to discuss details of this.