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Because I was in such a bad way at the time I started sessions, I wasn’t sure particularly how much hypnotherapy could help me. My anxiety and depression were very bad at that point, and I was so often preoccupied with very negative thoughts, that it was difficult to imagine anything making it any better. I’d tried a lot of other methods and therapies before as well, and nothing had really worked, and so I didn’t have much patience left I suppose. I was sick of things not working and I found it difficult to feel hopeful at all. I was afraid it would be a waste of money and time and that it wasn’t going to be any kind of a help to me, not for real. And that maybe there actually wasn’t any help for it really, that there wasn’t anything that could change it.

Now, having come to hypnotherapy session for around a year, I am in a much more positive place, and feel, for the first time in a long time, genuinely hopeful about my future. One of the things I knew I needed help with was how to deal with negative thoughts, because this was a huge problem for me. In fact this is one of the things I asked Orla about when we first spoke on the phone, and one of the reasons I decided to go for it with the hypnotherapy was because she said that this is something that hypnotherapy can help with. And it absolutely has. Now I have ways to deal with my anxiety when it is getting too much – I know what I have to say to myself and what I have to do to feel differently. And it’s helped me look at things in a different way – I look on the positive side of things lot more now, and I really appreciate it when positive things happen. Plus I have a lot of practical knowledge and information about the brain and how it works, so I know what’s actually going on if I feel anxious or down – I can see through the emotion of it, to an extent, and see what’s really happening.

I also feel a lot more calm generally. That’s the other huge change. I’m not saying everything’s perfect or anything, and there are still things I want to work on – my anger still gets the better of me sometimes, for example. But my anxiety is nothing like the level it was at a year ago, it’s much, much lower. And in terms of my mood, I have more good days than bad days. I can deal with setbacks a bit better than before as well. And I know that I can work on things and keep making things better, I have faith in that. And I feel a huge amount more optimistic about the future. I actually feel hopeful now, and that is a huge change for me.

(Rosie, 40, Online Marketing Professional)


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