For two or three years, there’s been lots of things I’ve wanted to change. In particular, I’ve been becoming more and more aware that there was a need, for various complicated reasons, to move myself away from the business I started up ten years ago, and that now involves working with a group of other people, and to launch myself into something entirely new, a new solo venture. Probably this was a change that was going to have to happen really,  sooner or later, that I would be more or less forced into. But before I before I came to hypnotherapy I was feeling really stuck, like those changes I was facing were very difficult and frightening, and I was feeling worried about it all.

Now, instead, after just 12 sessions of hypnotherapy, I feel like I’m in a totally different and much more positive headspace. I’ve made the dramatic shift I needed and wanted to make in my career, and I’ve felt great throughout that whole process of telling people and making changes and making plans. I’ve felt very happy and calm and relaxed and all the decisions have happened very naturally. It’s all just slotted into place. Certainly some form of change was inevitable, but this way I feel I have actively willed my new life into being, and made the shift in a really positive way. Everything I’m viewing as positive now I could so easily have seen as negative. For example, I had previously been a bit preoccupied with the idea of someone else being taken on by my old business to do what I had been doing, or something similar, and feeling quite caught up with not wanting this to happen. Now I just think ‘Who cares? – I started it after all, and it doesn’t matter if someone else carries it on’, and anyhow I want to be doing quite different things myself going forward. I’ve managed to totally not freak out about any of the changes in life and work that are happening now and will continue to play out in the months to come, when this was something I was feeling quite anxious about before, and I have a lot of faith and confidence in the future.

In a more day-to-day sense, I’ve managed to change my life so I can do all the things I always knew would make me happy; 10 minutes of meditation every day, writing and repeating positive affirmations, and allowing myself time to exercise and to eat well. As well as having a clear structure for creating my work that I can stick to each day and really enjoy and find pleasure in. I have, in a sense, allowed myself to be “selfish” – because I’ve realised that I’m a much nicer person to be around when I’m happy, and doing those things makes me happy. And so of course it isn’t selfish at all, it’s good for everyone. Instead of rushing around trying to do everything, I know what I need to do to put myself into that happy state. I already knew before, really, what I needed to do each day to feel well and to feel myself – the meditation, the exercise,  the good food, the work I want to be doing – and it’s as if coming to hypnotherapy is what’s allowed me to give myself the green light to actually do these things.

(Sophia, 44, Business Owner)


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