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Mar 17, 2020 | Anxiety, Client Stories, Confidence, Confidence at work, Hypnotherapy, Stress

I wanted to have hypnotherapy to help me with confidence at work. I’ve struggled over the years with a sense of not being good enough and struggling to believe in my own ability. Even though I am a high achiever, at times I would easily slip into a pattern of negative thinking which undermined my ability. I experience quite a lot of stress at work and also wanted to figure out some good ways to deal with this, as previously this had brought on feelings of anxiety. 

I am really surprised and pleased at how quickly the hypnotherapy sessions with Orla have made such a difference. Orla created a warm and safe space to voice my insecurities and I was so pleased to constantly put into practice the helpful tools and tips that Orla recommended. I feel so much more confident now, particularly when contributing to meetings and discussions at work. Orla’s sessions have helped my understand how to continuously believe in myself, giving me tools to help me do so. In fact, during the course of the sessions I applied for a new job; a big step up for me and important move in my career. I was successful and feel have brought a new confidence and self-belief to this new role that has given me space to be the best version of me! 

Both my old and new colleagues are positive and supportive, and I find I am not second-guessing that any more – I actually believe it when someone gives me really good feedback! It’s so great to no longer feel that I have to pretend to be really confident and happy at work all the time – I just genuinely am exactly that!

(Michelle, 32, Higher Education Professional)


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