When I first made contact with Orla about the problems I was experiencing I was in a very bad place, stuck in very negative thought processes and patterns and ways of thinking. I felt like I was in a very dark hole. It was like a really black tornado. And I couldn’t see any way of stopping it. It was a bit of a cycle, and everything around me seemed dark and black.

The process of coming to hypnotherapy sessions allowed me to gradually slow down that tornado, and eventually to lift myself out of it. The work we were doing gradually brightened things up, and in the end I was able to lift myself out of that old way of existing altogether. It was great, though, that it could be at my own pace, and that it could happen gradually and with no pressure.

I feel like hypnotherapy gave me the tools I needed to approach life in a more balanced, more positive way. And these were tools that you can remember, that will stay with you. Sometimes you get ‘quick fixes’. But this feels more actually life-changing, more long-term. You’re always going to get dark days and difficult things that happen, but it doesn’t feels like things will ever go back to the way they were for me before. It’s like I’m a completely different person really. When people are in a really dark place, I don’t think that people really believe they can change anything, not really. But even in the first few sessions I came away feeling that there were a few small changes I could make, and that gave me this really strong, positive feeling of ‘Right. I can do change. I can make changes happen’. And it was good that we didn’t focus on lots and lots of different things at once, as that might have been overwhelming. I found the focus on one small thing that you can change really helpful and uplifting, and that is something that will stay with me.

(Kelly, 40, Stay-at-Home-Mum)


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