I came to hypnotherapy because I was feeling really ‘stuck’ in life. I’d been working in a shop for thirteen and a half years, without ever having really meant to have chosen this as a job. I really very intensely disliked my job, and I’d wanted to get out of retail for a long time, but I never seemed to be quite able to do so. Also I was always making plans to use my free time to study or to start my own business, but never quite managing to do this either. I struggled with motivation and discipline and would frequently become distracted. I’d get really cast down when I’d apply for other jobs and not get them, and then this had happened so many times that I just started to give up. I wasn’t sure exactly what the problem was, or what was stopping me doing what I wanted to do. Maybe it was procrastination, maybe it was a fear of trying and then failing, or maybe it was low self-esteem.

As soon as I started messaging Orla and finding out a bit more about hypnotherapy and how it might help, I felt better about things, and more positive and hopeful. Now, a year or so on from when I started sessions, I have experienced so much change and development that I am in an entirely different place. I have learnt how to shift myself out of an anxious state, or out of ‘procrastination mode’, and into a more positive, focused state. This had made applying for jobs a great deal easier and quicker. Before, it was a case of spending a long old time just sending out one application, and really sweating blood and tears over it, with a lot of stress, a lot of unpleasantness, and many hours spent. Whereas recently, I have ended up firing off many, many applications for things I am interested in, doing them well and efficiently, and feeling pretty good about this.

I am so much more positive and confident now and I have a new job that I am starting next month. It’s not my ideal job or anything, but it is not a retail job, and it moves me in the directions I want to be going, and towards the kind of work I want to do. There are things that are difficult or awkward about it, which previously would have prompted me to reject the idea, but now I am just making it work. I’m still applying for lots of other jobs too – I’ve no plans to slow down on that front, and I feel so much more able now to look  out for good opportunities, and to move towards them effectively.

A huge amount of what has shifted in  terms of what has made all of this possible for me is that I have a lot more confidence in myself now – a great deal of faith in myself and my own abilities. I think this came out of the really positive focus in sessions each week on the things I like, the things I enjoy, and also on what I believe and feel passionately about. I’ve also learned techniques around being assertive. This has helped a lot in terms of feeling calm and ok about going after what I want, whatever other people’s reactions might be.

And perhaps more significantly than any of this, in a way, I’ve learned an entirely different and much more positive way of thinking about and planning my future, whether that’s next week, or next year, or in five years. There was a little exercise we’d do a the end of each session, where you’d focus on your goals and then move from there to one small, do-able step towards this, and when you could fit this into your week. I found this exercise incredibly helpful for breaking down these things I so desperately wanted for the future into smaller, less intimidating goals, and then for just simply, practically,  working towards them. And I found this work much, much easier than I ever have found any kind of work like this before,  because of being mentally in a much better place as regards the future. I allowed myself to believe that it was actually possible for the future to play out for me as I would like, career-wise. And certainly the visualisation work during hypnotherapy sessions was a huge part of getting me to this stage.

Last but certainly not least, I have now, at the end of series of hypnotherapy sessions, a much greater sense of instinctive clarity about which choices I should be making – which course I should choose for example, out of the dozen or so I could have taken, plus the decisiveness to actually make the decision and really go for it. I would 100% put this new clarity of purpose down to feeling more relaxed,  calmer and more myself as a result of the hypnotherapy process.

(Georgia, 39, Education Professional)


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