Create Your Own Calm

Would you like to know how to calm yourself even in difficult or challenging circumstances?

Would you like to move away from anxiety and towards calm?

Would you like to learn, or learn more about, how to enter the calm state of hypnosis?

Perhaps you’d love to do hypnotherapy, but you just can’t find the funds right now, or can’t dedicate the time? This two-hour session (at the moment, as with all my work currently, via Zoom video call) will give you a starting point to begin your own journey towards being able to create and re-create for yourself a deep internal calm.

Is it the same as / as good as doing hypnotherapy? Well, certainly, it does not contain all the different elements of hypnotherapy — there is no ‘talking work’ here, and it is not really therapy that I will be doing on the zoom call with you. Rather I will be going through different techniques, methods and exercises with you, basing this on your own particular situation, requirements and personality to help you learn how to be able to use self-hypnosis as part of your life in order to be able to move yourself more frequently and more deeply into a state of calm. 

We can focus on a particular issue in the session — for example if you have a high-pressure event coming up tomorrow or next week that is disrupting your sense of calm, and either causing you problems because the idea of it is filling you with a sense of anxiety, or because you are worried about anxiety interfering with your performance during the event itself, then we can make that a focus and I can train you in some exercises that will help with that. 

But it’s also fine if you just want to generally be less anxious and more calm. This session will provide you with an excellent toolkit of skills,  techniques and exercises to get started working your way towards where you want to be. It’s not a magic ‘one session fix’ of course – more of an intensive introduction to certain specially tailored techniques and skills which will require a  certain amount of practice and implementation in the days and weeks that follow. 

You can find extra support for this continued practice in the two weeks of limited email and phone support I provide following the session, plus in a more long-term way in my free facebook group ‘Teach Yourself Self-Hypnosis’,  where you can ask questions about anything you are struggling with and make use of extra trainings.

If you have the dedication and motivation to practice the skills that you learn in the session in the weeks that follow, then you will be be able to create significant change in your levels of relaxation and calm. 


Here is what’s included in your two-hour ‘Create You Own Calm’ training session:

  • Useful information on the workings of your brain, and how it is impacted by stress.


  • Training in a range of different self-hypnosis exercises and approaches that I use with clients, so that you can learn how to move yourself into a state of calm.


  • Teaching of a vivid metaphorical technique for imagining and working with the two different parts of your brain. (This is an original technique I have developed myself and taught to many clients, who have then used it to great effect in their daily lives.)


  • Two weeks of email / phone support, in case any questions or issues come up for you as you start implementing the techniques.

Create Your Own Confidence

The ‘Create Your Own Confidence’ training session follows the same model as laid out above for the ‘Create Your Own Calm’ session — the only difference is, there is more of a focus on building confidence, as opposed to concentrating mainly on accessing a state of calm. Of course the two things are deeply connected, but given that this is an intensive, one-session way of working, it is helpful for me to know at the outset where you would more like to focus, and where you feel you could do with the most help. And there are specific exercises that I would probably run through with you if we are focusing in on confidence in particular. If there is a specific kind of confidence you would like to build and extend, or if you struggle with confidence in a particular area or part of your life — if it’s confidence at work you want to focus on for example, or confidence driving, or confdence in public speaking, then we can focus in still further on that. And our work in the session will anyway be further tailored to your own particular personality, needs, learning style and experience. 

using self-hypnosis, I know how to

create an internal sense of calm

using self-hypnosis

I can move myself into feeling confident and positive

How much does it cost and how do I book in?

The two-hour ‘Create Your Own Calm’ or ‘Create Your Own Confidence’ session is priced at £150, to be paid in advance of the session.

In order to book in,  please click on the button below:

Alternately,  if you would like to talk over the different options — i.e. whether one of these one-off two hour sessions would be better for you right now as compared with weekly hypnotherapy sessions for example, then please arrange a call with me using the button below, or contact me using the details on the contact page. Also, please feel free to get in touch if you would simply like to hear more about the ‘Create Your Own Calm’ or ‘Create Your Own Confidence’ sessions.