What can hypnotherapy help with?

Alleviate issues and problems in terms of the way you use your mind.

Hypnotherapy can help with many different issues and problems connected with the way you use your own mind, including:


High Level Anxiety / Panic Attacks

Social Anxiety

Work-related Anxiety

Overwork / trouble with boundaries around work




Nerves of Fear about a high pressure event/s ( Exams / Driving test / Speech / Presentation)

Low mood

Low self esteem




Exhaustion and stress

Inability to fully relax and ‘switch off’


Difficulty with certain relationships or with family

Moving on from / letting go of the past


Generally, in terms of the way they use their own  mind, clients finish their series of hypnotherapy feeling a great deal more calm, peaceful,  confident and positive than they felt at the start of their sessions. People also often report an increase in creativity, a sense of ‘flow’ while working, a greater ease with  decision making, and a sense of being more in touch with their authentic self, with who they really are as a person.

Enhance and improve your access to your own innate skills, resources and strengths.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to greatly enhance and improve your access to your own innate skills, resources and strengths, meaning a significant improvement in the following areas:

Public speaking

Public performance


Sporting achievement

Academic achievement




Self belief

Strong decision making


Mitigate, improve,  or even  in some cases transform the way you experience long-term physical health conditions and issues:

There are also certain physical issues and problems where people can experience radical and significant beneficial change as a result of coming to hypnotherapy. This is not at all to argue that these physical issues are ‘all in the mind’ – far from it. Rather, that becasue any physical issue or problem or medical condition is almost bound to have a certain level of ‘fight or flight’ attached to it. Not to mention that many of us in modern life are existing with overly stress levels, even if we don’t feel particularly stressed in a conscious way. So, by lowering stress levels and allowing regular deep relaxation, hypnotherapy can help someone learn  how to activate their parasympathertic nervous system more fully. And this in turn may mean that certain physical issues bcome less severe or less frequent, becasue the physical issue is not being aggravated and added to by the fight / flight response. For these reasons ten, hypnotherapy can help with the following physical issues, difficulties and problems:

Migraine headaches

Chronic pain

Pain in recovery from injury / accident / operation


Chronic Fatigue



Symptoms of the Menopause

Improve Immune Functioning, Reproductive Functioning, and Heighten Physical Skill and ability

Hand in hand with this, these are certain physical things that will tend for most people to improve as a result of doing hypnotherapy sessions, simply because learning how to be deeply calm, how to lower you stress levels and to use your mind in a more beneficial way activates your parasympathetic nervous system more fully, which has a wonderful impact on so many different things:

Immune system working more fully

Reproductive system functioning more smoothly

Physical ability and skill improved