Vanessa and Stephen’s HypnoBirthing Story

Mar 26, 2020 | Calm, Client Stories, HypnoBirthing, Pregnancy, Relaxation

Orla: So tell me, what do you feel like you’ve gained, either of you, both of you, from doing this HypnoBirthing course?

Vanessa: One of the biggest things I think we’ve gained from it has been the education – We’ve just learnt so much about birth, what it can be, what it should be. It’s been an absolute 360 in terms of the idea of birth we would have had before from family, friends, TV, the media and so on. I never knew that birth could be so beautiful and so calm before learning everything I’ve learned on this course. Not, this ‘ordeal’, necessarily. That it can be a different way.

And that’s given me a good level of confidence about my own birth.

We are planning a homebirth, which I don’t think I would previously have considered, and I feel confident that this can be a reality.

Stephen: I think the main thing for me would be not being afraid any more, by the nature of now being able to see birth as a positive thing

Vanessa: Yes! Why ever are we not taught all this knowledge previously, as children or young people?

Stephen: Where have they been hiding it?!

Vanessa: Such a strange thing.

Stephen: It’s weird how there’s this total lack of authenticity about sex, our bodies, and about birth. Everything is either over-sexualised or under sexualised.

Orla: Yes absolutely, I really agree. And just one more question, if you don’t mind…. Tell me, what tangible results do you think you’ve seen from doing this HypnoBirthing course?

Stephen: I think definitely a feeling and a sense of calmness. I think I definitely feel more relaxed and less fearful about birth. And just calmer generally as well.

Vanessa: I was going to say that! First of all I absolutely do not feel fearful about birth or about the next couple of months of being pregnant. But also I just feel much calmer in myself generally. I think it’s been very powerful for both of us together as a couple to have been working on our breathing, and for both  of us together to have been listening to the track.

Stephen: And just that awareness of the body, of the two nervous systems and so on, — having a bit more of an awareness of what’s going on, and a bit more self-discipline perhaps, it helps you feel  a little more calm, and little more in control.

Vanessa: I feel really ready and prepared. Rather than just rushing around trying to get loads of stuff done, or fit it lots of things before our baby comes, I feel like we’ve both learned how to really carve out a space for just resting and relaxing in a really effective way, where you can just completely let go. And I think the tools we’ve learned in order to be able to do that, the hypnosis, the breathing, the exercises, will be a huge advantage in birth, but also during our first few weeks and months as parents.

Vanessa: And can I just say you have a really beautiful, relaxing voice!

Stephen: Yes we both really like listening to your voice!


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