The Ripple Effect

Become calm. Become confident. And in a way that feels authentic, solid, real and true to who you are as a person.

The Ripple Effect is a monthly membership program that will help you to develop true inner calm and confidence, so that you can become more resilient, more assertive, more rational and more creative and spontaneous.

You might join The Ripple Effect to get help with one particular issue or to improve one particular element of your life – to reduce social anxiety for example, or to become more confident at work, or less nervous about public speaking, or to get on better with your partner or family members, or become able to parent more calmly.

And being a part of The Ripple Effect membership will have a significant positive impact on any of those things.

But I guarantee you that the impact of the work that you do will spread out to the other elements of your life, in a beautiful ‘ripple effect’, (so for example if you come to become more confident at work you may also find that it impacts on your relationships with family and friends, on your hobbies, on the way that you speak to yourself first thing in the morning) and that also there will be a positive impact radiating out form this on the people you share your life with – simply because of your being calmer and more confident, and the positive impact that comes from being around that.

If you have significant struggles in terms of the way you are existing in your own mind right now – if you are dealing with severe anxiety, panic attacks or depression, with a phobia that is seriously impacting your life, or really restricting your choices, or if your sleep is bad to the point of insomnia, then I would recommend 121 hypnotherapy over this monthly membership program. You can read more about 121 hypnotherapy and how it works here.

But if your problems or issues are of a less severe nature, if you are slightly anxious about something and would like to not be for example, or you would like to be a bit more confident in work or social situations, or have more of a handle and a ‘control valve’ on your anger or mood swings even if there is no serious problem there, by learning to better manage your own thoughts and emotions, then The Ripple Effect may be just the thing for you.

It may also be helpful if you want or need to do 121 hypnotherapy but cannot cannot afford this financially right now, in that while you are saving up to do 121 sessions, you have something to keep you going in the meanwhile. 

Also, sometimes it may be useful at the end of someone’s 121 hypnotherapy sessions, as a kind of ‘in-between step’ between 121 therapy and going it alone completely.

And in fact you don’t even need to have any particular problem or issue to benefit from The Ripple Effect. Who wouldn’t benefit from becoming a bit more calm, a bit more confident, a bit less blown around the place emotionally by their own moods, thoughts and emotions or external events or the actions of others? Think of The Ripple Effect as a training system for excellence in managing your own mind. 

The Ripple Effect can help you to become more confident, calmer, and more resilient. Join today and get going on the enjoyable, relaxing work of transforming the way you use your brain.

What are the ‘Hypnosis and Thought Pattern Change’ sessions like?

These ‘Hypnosis, Meditation and Relaxation’ sessions (Wednesday evenings at 8pm for July and August, and Monday evenings from September on) are one of the three main pillars of The Ripple Effect monthly membership, and probably they are the most important part to involve yourself with. They are 90 minute group sessions which roughly follow the structure of a hypnotherapy session, with the first half being devoted to positive stimulation of the more rational, creative part of your brain via a specific kind of questioning, and the second half focusing on meditative relaxation processes and hypnosis. 

Differently to in a regular hypnotherapy session, however, you will not need to tell me or anyone else in the group what your responses to the questions are. You will be fleshing out your responses yourself as we go using writing and drawing in response to my different forms of questioning.

The latter half of each session consists of a certain  amount of group training in hypnosis, breathing and visualisation, followed by a relaxing group hypnosis session.

  • Stimulate a higher level of rational and  creative thinking
  • Gradually gain clarity and focus as to  what you want to work on, move towards or change
  • Raise your motivation and energy levels
  • Learn more each week about deep, slow breathing, rich visualisation and other powerful self-calming techniques
  • Carve out a tIME AND SPACE to reflect and relax, with no other demands upon you.

What are the monthly hour-long training sessions like?

 These sessions will be different each time, each one covering in depth a particular skill, structure, exercise, or technique useful for building calm, confidence and resilience. These will be techniques and exercises that I have used sucessfullly myself and / or with clients. If you attend the session live, there will be the opportunity to ask questions and get tailored help and advice. These sessions will take place once a month on zoom, and the date and time will be given out beforehand each month.

What’s the point of the worksheets, checklists, short videos and journal prompts?

These resources will be provided regularly to help inspire and encourage you to keep going with the important work that needs doing in between sessions, whether this is practicing a particular mental technique or learning to approach something differently. From October 2020 there will also be an online community in the form of a members only facebook group. This will be a supportive and encouraging group environment where everyone is focused on improving their inner calm, confidence and emotional resilience.

The Ripple Effect:

Open now during August for £39 a month


Closed doors in September



Open again in October for £49 a month



July and August – Group sessions will be on Wednesday evening at 8pm. 


From September onwards – Group sessions will be on Monday evening at 8pm.


From October 2020, the cost will be £49 per month. For now though, and until the end of August 2020, you can join for £39 per month, and this cost will stay fixed for the first year of your membership.

If you want to join in July, given that we are half-way through the month, you can pay just £20 for this month (and then £39 for the months from then onwards) – simply join up at the £39 rate, and I will send you back a £19 refund for July.

Doors to the membership will be closed during September.

The Ripple Effect will then open up again in October for three weeks. The rate for people joining at this time will be £49 per month. 

There are no refunds, but you can cancel your membership at any time.



One you are a member, there is no need to book in for these sessions. You will be emailed a zoom link when you join that will remain the same for all sessions and then you can simply turn up on the night. There will be a listing here on this page of which dates the three-per-month group sessions are taking place. For July this will be Wednesday 22nd and Wednesday 29th July. Group sessions in August will also be on Wednesday evenings. From September on, group sessions will be on Monday evenings. There will be three group sessions per month. 



It is important to understand that this is not a therapy session, as it will not be interactive and responsive in quite the way that therapy is. It is something more self-guided than that,  although  of course I will be there on  hand to help and advise to the extent that this is possible in a group,  and without causing problems from a point of view of confidentiality or making anyone uncomfortable etc. There will be a certain amount of time to answer questions each week,  and if you would like, you should also feel free to ask me questions in my free ‘Teach Yourself Self-Hypnosis’ group. 


You’ll need a pen and paper. Then ideally headphones for the hypnosis part as this will give you a better sound quality while you relax. And it’s good to think beforehand about having a space you can lie down or sit back and relax for 20 minutes at the end – plus maybe a cushion or pillow or two and a blanket.