The Bristol Pregnancy Social Club

This is an online and in-person group for pregnant women in the Bristol / Bath / nearby area to get to know each other and chat and get help and support from each other and from a few very special expert folks as well.

There are threads every day in the free facebook group so you can join in the conversation on any of those.

Of course you can also feel free to post in the group about anything you reckon it’d be helpful for other pregnant folks to know, or about anything you’d like help and support with. Or just about anything that has randomly occurred to you. 

And then there are Wellness Wednesdays where an expert person comes into the group to give a talk and answer any questions you may have about their subject. You can then catch up on these in the Units section where there’s a bunch of other useful info.

Then on Sundays I do a wind-down meditation at 4pm to help us all relax and unwind together at the end of the week.

I will be organsing zoom meet-ups, outside meet-ups and inside in-person meet-ups, and for now will be putting on regular zoom meet-ups, sometimes with different themes or activities to help people get to know each other, sometimes just a chance to meet up and have a bit of a chinwag.

Excitingly, we are just in the middle of organising the first in-person social meet-ups for pregnant folks! We had one the other week doing some river-sitting and picnic-ing, and we’ll be doing an inside, socially-distanced one in a cafe for some point on 7th August. So if you are pregnant and like the idea of this (or of zoom meet-ups as I will be organising plenty of these as well!) then come along and join the group where all of the organising of this stuff is happening!

Make maternity leave mates, and maybe even lifelong


  • Book clubs
  • Craft evenings
  • Cafe meet-ups
  • Virgin cocktail nights
  • Theatre trips and gigs
  • Outside swimming