Hypnotherapy (all currently via Zoom)

– approx £600 – £1200 for most issues

– paid in weekly amounts of £60 per session

(This is based on someone requiring between 10 and 20 sessions. However, people may need more or less sessions than this, please see FAQs below for details.)

Create Your Own Calm Training Session -£150

Create Your Own Confidence Training Session – £150

For more details of these one-off intensive two hour sesssions, please see

 The Ripple Effect – £49 per month

– Monthly membership including 3 group hypnosis / thought pattern change sessions and one group training session a month, launching in October at the cost of £49 a month

– To see the full details of what the membership includes take a look at The Ripple Effect



Zoom live training 15-hour course, taught to an individual couple (or individual mother + Birth  Companion)

– £600 per couple (or mother + Birth Companion)

Zoom live training 15-hour course, taught to a group

– £300 per couple (or mother + Birth Companion)


The cost of a hypnotherapy session is £60. In my experience most people require somewhere between 10 and 20 sessions (although there are certain factors that can mean the process takes longer, please see the FAQs on this page for details of this), meaning that a full series of hypnotherapy sessions may cost around £600 to £1200, though this is spread out in weekly amounts.

In response to the current situation, which brings so many people under financial pressure, as well as potentially extra pressure from an anxiety or mental health point of view, I have developed a couple of new ways of working with me, which are priced differently, and work differently. These do no replace or replicate what can be achieved with hypnotherapy, but they still would I believe be potentially hugely helpful and beneficial in their own way. They may be options you wold like to consider if you would love to do hypnotherapy but simply do not have the funds at the current time, or if you would like to get a better understanding of hypnosis techniques, or of working with me, before starting hypnotherapy.

All hypnotherapy sessions, other sessions, and HypnoBirthing training courses are currently being offered via Zoom (video call).


New Ways of Working With Me

 Create Your Own Calm Training Session / Create Your Own Confidence Training Session – £150 for a one-off, two-hour session. In this session I will give you intensive training in valuable questioning and hypnosis techniques, which you can then go away and practice yourself. 

These one-off intensive sessions might be a good idea if you have a high pressure event coming up very soon – i.e. tomorrow or next week, and want some excellent, tailored help and teaching with preparing mentally for that in the absolute best way possible. 

They may also be a good alternative to hypnotherapy if you do not have a serious problem or issue, but would like to become more calm or more confident, and you reckon you can be reasonably self-disciplined in continuing to practice and improve in the techniques you will be taught in the intensive session. 

The Ripple Effect – £49 per month.  A good idea if you would like to do hypnotherapy but can’t quite afford it yet, or if you don’t have a ‘problem’ as such bit could do with a bit of a boost to your levels of calm and focus, or if you have gone through a series of hypnotherapy sessions and would like an in-between transitional stage at the end of the hypnotherapy process. This includes 3 group hypnosis / thought pattern change sessions each month – these sessions will each run for 90 minutes, and will follow certain elements of a hypnotherapy session. There will also be one group training each month. In addition to this there will be worksheets, journal prompts, checklists, short videos and audio tracks to help with the work in between sessions. There are also a few other additional benefits – you can take a look at all of these at The Ripple Effect.


Hypnotherapy Pricing

As explained above, the cost of each hypnotherapy session is £60. However I make the first session you have with me, called the ‘initial consultation’, free of charge, although I do charge a deposit for the value of one session to book you in for this.

I make this initial consultation free because I think it is preferable for someone to be able to come along and meet me in person, before making a definite commitment to beginning hypnotherapy, and get an idea whether you think we would work well together. This first session also allows you to talk through what it is you’d like to change, and where you’d like to get to, and hear at a really decent, thorough level of detail how hypnotherapy can help them from the point of view of the workings of the brain and the workings of hypnosis, breathing work, and thought pattern change.

If at the end of this first session you do not wish to continue with hypnotherapy, I would simply refund your deposit. If you do decide to continue with hypnotherapy, then the deposit covers the cost of your second session. Then, from the third session on, payment is due weekly at the end of each session. 

Please read through the questions below, in particular the section on how many sessions you might require and also the section with information on my cancellation policy.

If you think you would perhaps benefit from hypnotherapy, the first step is to arrange an initial half-hour phonecall so that I can hear a bit about what you are looking for help with,  where you are now and what you hope to achieve, and then provide some guidance on how hypnotherapy could be of use to you specifically. You are also welcome to simply call me whenever you would like using the details on my contact page, and if I can respond I will, and we can have the call right away if that is suitable. Alternatively, please click on the button below to book in for your initial consultation call.

If at the end of this call you wish to go ahead and book in to begin hypnotherapy, then we will figure out a time and a start date that works for us both, and then I will send you over the details of how to pay your deposit. Once you have paid your deposit, your time-slot is secure and you are all booked in to start your hypnotherapy journey.

FAQs for Hypnotherapy Pricing


In terms of trying to work out the cost of hypnotherapy, and perhaps for other reasons in terms of perhaps childcare or the time commitment, of course you may wish to know how many sessions you may need. Unfortunately it is difficult to be exact about this.

Essentially it is ideal for each client to reach the stage where they are using their own mind in the way that they would like to, and feel like they have achieved what they would like to achieve from the point of view of how they are feeling and thinking on a daily basis, and then do two to three further sessions just to really deeply confirm and establish the new neural pathways that have been created.

For some people, who have something fairly straightforward or specific that they wish to change or achieve (such as or example a single phobia or a desire to become more confident in job interviews), and if there is a low to medium level of background anxiety or low mood, then this can mean a series of 9 to 12 hypnotherapy sessions. And I have known people to have extraordinary and radical results within that time frame. 

At the other end of the spectrum, I have also seen clients who came to me with severe anxiety, low mood or OCD for up to a year of weekly sessions.

Most people fall somewhere in between and might require somewhere between 10 and 20 sessions, but this is very individual to the person and it could be 14 for one person and 18 for another person. Of course the length of the process is also to an extent determined by what the individual client puts into the process, for example listening to the hypnosis track each night, practicing the breathing techniques, making time each week for a hypnotherapy session, and engaging with the process of altering thought processes in between sessions. The more a client is able to do these things, and the sooner they are able to start with this, the quicker the process will be for that person, as compared to what it would be if they were not doing these things.


I do not charge for cancelled sessions where there is more than 24 hours notice. I do charge the full amount for cancelled or rescheduled sessions where there is less than 24 hours notice, unless someone is unwell, or something sudden and unexpected occurs that is outside of the person’s control. This is at my discretion however, and the default position is that I do charge the full amount for cancelled, missed or rescheduled sessions.


I do not offer nonrefundable / discounted block bookings of 10 sessions purchased together etc. This is because I prefer for clients to be actively recommitting themselves to hypnotherapy each time they come along and pay for their session. I don’t want people turning up to sessions just because they have already paid for them! However, certain clients have asked to be able to pay at the start of each month for that month’s sessions — so either for 4 sessions or 5 sessions ahead of time — simply because they find this easier in terms of managing their finances, and I have agreed to this. If someone were to pay in advance for the month in this way and then be unwell on one week, I would refund the cost of that particular week’s session.


This is a possibility, but the funding would need to be approved. The person to speak to about this in the first instance would be your GP, and they would then need to consult with others about this, if they were in support of it. I would be very happy to speak to you doctor or to write to them if this is helpful or required. 


Many private healthcare providers do cover hypnotherapy. You would need to speak to your provider about this. They may only cover a certain number of sessions however. How this would generally work is that you would agree something with them, and then you would pay for the sessions and I would provide receipts and they would then reimburse you.


You would need to speak to your workplace / employer about this. People have paid me in this way before however, if they work somewhere where there is a wellbeing or a training budget. My rates for working in this way would be the same. It would also be possible to speak to your employer about hiring me to do some in house training. Please see my workshops and training page for details of this.


HypnoBirthing Pricing

The cost of a place on one of my HypnoMamaBears HypnoBirthing courses is £300. This is a 15-hour intensive course, taught over five weekly sessions, with each session being 3 hours long. A place on the course covers attendance for you as a pregnant mother and also for your Birthing Companion. The course is taught to a small group, with a maximum of 6 couples / mother-and-Birth-Companion-pairs in each class.

I am also sometimes able to teach a couple individually, though this depends to an extent on timings, and the cost of a couple or mother–and-Birth-Companion-pair taught individually in this way is £900.

Your Birthing Companion can be the father or other parent of your child and/or your partner. Or your Birthing Companion can be a mother, sister, or other trusted friend or family member.

It is a good idea if possible to have someone who you can practice HypnoBirthing with — someone who can come along to the classes with you, practice HypnoBirthing exercises with you during the week, and who will also be there to provide support and to help you to implement HypnoBirthing during the special time of your birth.

It is however also possible to do HypnoBirthing by yourself as a pregnant mother, and if this is what you would like, please do consider yourself very welcome. The cost to attend in this way would be the same.

For every pregnant mother who takes part in a HypnoMamaBears HypnoBirthing course, I also include a free one-hour 121 session to work on the three breathing techniques of HypnoBirthing in a detailed way. This is because it is so important to get these breathing techniques right, both for your calm and wellbeing during pregnancy, and also for your birthing experience, and I think it is easier to work with someone on breathing effectively in a 121 way. This session also provides a brief opportunity to ask questions about any other element of the course in a private setting if that is something you would find useful. Also, you can feel free during this session to make use of my training as a hypnotherapist to ask more general questions about hypnosis, or to get help in reframing your thought processes around certain aspects of birth or parenting.  

If you would like further help beyond this in a 121 session, this would be charged at the same rate as general hypnotherapy (£60 per hour, please see above for details). This may be useful for example if you have had a previous traumatic birth and would like some extra help with reprogramming your thoughts around this. Or if you feel even after doing the ‘fear release’ part of HypnoBirthing that there are further fears or negative thoughts (about birth, about becoming a parent, or about something else altogether) that you are not quite able to move away from using the regular HypnoBirthing methods. For many people, the HypnoBirthing course itself will be enough — it is certainly a very powerful and intensive course. However, if you would like further help with this, I would be happy to help in this way. Or of course, you would also be welcome to seek help from another hypnotherapist,  or from a counselor or psychotherapist, and I would be happy to make recommendations for this. If there are very difficult issues from your past that come to the surface as part of HypnoBirthing — for example issues of abuse in earlier life, or trauma of any kind, or issues around high levels of anxiety or low mood, then it may be a good idea to see trained and qualified professional, either a hypnotherapist or some other form of therapist, for a series of weekly sessions. Other people though may just wish to book in for an extra breathing work session. Or for one extra session to help with fear release, or with the deliberate reprogramming of thoughts. And for any of this, you are welcome to seek help from me with this, or of course to go and see another professional.

FAQs for hypnobirthing pricing


I am very happy to teach HypnoBirthing to an individual or to an individual couple, however this would mean an additional cost. The price for a 15-hour course for just you individually, or for you and your partner or Birthing Companion would be £600. It would also depend on me having the availability to do this in terms of timings. Currently both individual and group courses would be taught via Zoom (video call). (Normally, in less restricted times than these, if the availability is there time-wise, I would be happy to teach an individual course like this at one of the spaces where I work. Or else, if you would like me to come to your home to teach an individual course I would also be happy to do this if you are able to reimburse my travel expenses.)


Payment is upfront and is in advance of the course starting, and it is the payment of the course fee that secures your place on the course. This includes individual as well as group courses. The first step to take if you wish to pay and to book onto a HypnoMamaBears HypnoBirthing course is to contact me for a half hour conversation about what you would like to achieve using HypnoBirthing, what you know about it so far, and what if anything you think you might struggle with. In this conversation, I can get an idea of where you are now and what you might most need help with, and you can have the opportunity to ask me any questions you might have. Then, if you decide to go ahead, I can send you the details of how to pay over your course fee by either paypal or bank transfer and get yourself booked onto a particular course. I can also take payment by card if you are able to arrange to drop in and see me on one of my regular working days. 



Your course fee is nonrefundable, except in cases where health issues or other issues make it impossible to attend the course. This is at my discretion, and the default position is that the course fee is nonrefundable. Please do contact me to discuss however if there is a reason you cannot now attend the course you booked in for. 



Of course sometimes there may be something prearranged, such as a wedding or a holiday, that would mean you would miss one of the dates on the course you would like to attend. In this case, it is possible for you to attend instead the particular Unit you have missed on one of the other HypnoMamaBears HypnoBirthing Courses. You could come along to one of the classes for the alternate group that is running at the same time (so if you are a Thursdaay night person you could come along on a Saturday morning or vice versa) or you could wait until that Unit come up in one of the next two groups that are running. You can do this for up to two of the five units, but please speak to me first to arrange this.